Always wanted to write a book?Write your own non-fiction book

As a creativity coach, I work with you to help you complete that book you have been thinking about writing for months (or even years!)

Why write a book?

Writing your own non-fiction book is critical to your business as a coach or consultant. A bold statement I know, but I truly believe that writing a book can bring with it benefits that reach far and wide in your coaching business and also your personal life. These include:

  • Authority – Writing a book automatically makes you stand out from the crowd, giving you an edge over the rest and building ultimate authority in your field.
  • Leveraged product – the clever thing with having a book as part of your business is that you write it once and then get paid over and over again in the form of ongoing royalties.
  • Marketing tool – most importantly of all, a good book that represents who you are as a coach is an essential marketing tool for your business. A book acts as a crucial step in your sales funnel to generate leads and higher paying clients.
  • Clarity – writing a book is actually a fantastic process for gaining clarity on who you are and what you do.
  • Confidence – there is nothing better to boost your self-confidence than writing a book. You are putting yourself and your beliefs right out there for people to read and take action.
  • Spread your message – writing a book provides you with the mechanism to spread your message far and wide and the ability to tap into audiences far wider than your own network.

To read by blog article exploring these reasons in full please click here.

Who is this for?

I work with coaches and consultants who have been thinking of writing a book for a long time but haven’t yet finished the job (or even started!)

This is for any of you that:

  • want to figure out exactly what book you should write and how to understand your target reader.
  • need to find the structure of your book quickly and map out the chapters.
  • need clarity on why you haven’t written a book yet and want help to unlock your creativity.
  • want to create a realistic and achievable writing schedule.
  • overcome self-doubt and lack of confidence so that you can start writing with confidence and authority.
  • are willing to take action and actually self-publish their book. I guide you through technical stuff such as proof-reading and formatting for e-books
  • want to market your books to readers and promote yourself as an author and thought leader in your field.

This is for anyone that wants strongly enough to get that book out of their head and make it a reality!

Why work with me?

Reading book and holding cup of coffeeI am an accomplished businesswoman, Amazon no.1 Bestselling author, trained yoga teacher and creativity coach. This unique blend of skills and accomplishments is combined with a genuine desire to see coaches unlock their creativity and write a book to help boost their business.

I bring to you a carefully structured programme, crafted from all of my knowledge, personal experience and hundreds of hours of professional training – you won’t find anything like it elsewhere! This flagship programme is a transformational 10-week experience for coaches that are looking to invest time in themselves and write a book that they can be proud of. Click here for more info.

Why write a book now?

Journal writingWell, put simply, there is no time like the present. To publish a book, you actually need to start the process and get writing. If you don’t start today or wait until everything in your life is perfect, then the book will never get written and never get out there and on bookshelves.

It is essential to take action NOW – stop thinking about writing a book and actually do it. In fact of those people that I have individually spoken to about writing their book, most people have been thinking about if for at least 2-4 years, and some even longer. Imagine if you had started that book four years ago? Where would you be now and how many royalties could you have earned over that time?

Work with me

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