I believe that everyone has enough time to write a book. That’s right, even if you are busy, working full-time, have children or have social commitments, fitting in enough time to write a book is not as hard as you think. Trust me I’ve done it four times already on top of full-time coaching and teaching….

No time to write a book?

Not enough time is the no.1 reason I hear from people as to why they haven’t yet written their own book. Other work, clients, family, training courses, new product launches, weddings and all sorts of other things come up. But that’s life right?

There are of course other reasons that may stop you but this theme comes up regularly and I would like to address time and the perceived lack of it within this blog.

How long does it take to write a book?

Many people have this image of authors as people who write for eight hours a day and that writing a book is a long and ardous task. This cannot be further from the truth in the case of a non-fiction book. Rather than eight hours a day what you do need is regular commitment and even just one hour per day (or five hours per week) will give you the regular progress to get to the end.

So, how long does it actually take to write a book? Well, it depends on how long your book is. A standard non-fiction book is usually between 40–50,000 words, with a longer, more in-depth book being around 60–70,000. Then ask yourself how long does it take you to write 1000 words? 1000 words is for example the length of two average blog posts or one long blog post. If you calculate how long it would take to write this – for me about an hour (with no stops for editing), then you can see how long you actually need for writing your book. 40,000 words would be 40 hours and 60,000 words would be 60 hours.

Even at one hour per day you can start to see how quickly a book can get written!

I need to get my ducks in a row….


Another misconception is that writing is all that an author does – nothing else gets in the way of their creative writing genius. Now for some very lucky writers (mainly in the fiction arena), that is of course true. However, for many of the coaches, consultants and self-employed business owners that I work with, this is a lovely ideal but certainly not a reality. There are clients to service, products to sell and previous commitments to uphold. Most people can’t just STOP EVERYTHING to swan off and spend some time just 100% focused on writing a book. I have people say to me that they need to “get their ducks in a row” before they can start. Again this is simply not true!! You can start the process of writing your book at any point. We can all find an hour per day to allocate to a project.

Those people that finish their books and get them out there are, not surprisingly, also the people that start them.

The people that find that time and just get started, not waiting for their life to be perfect or for their diary to clear before they begin are the people that become published authors.

No time, or other priorities?

Is it really a lack of time or is it that you prioritise other things in your life or business over writing a book? This is of course normal and natural, so please do not be hard on yourself if you do want to write a book and haven’t started yet. For example, if you sell specific services to clients and this pays your bills, then of course you need to continue with this work. However, you can set yourself a strong goal of writing your book and make steps every week to achieve this goal. Make writing your book a priority and you may surprise yourself that even after a month you will have achieved so much.

I’ll let you into a secret

I’ll let you into a secret – this blog has only taken me 30 minutes to write (around 950 words) as I believe passionately about the subject.

When I write on a topic that I am passionate about and interested in, the words just flow off the page making writing an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience.

As a book coach I work with so many people that when they write a book using their knowledge and passion, they get into their flow and the book practically writes itself. For example, I have people that can write 10,000 words a week with ease.

Don’t use ‘no time’ as an excuse

So don’t let a lack of time stop you from writing your book. Is it actually about prioritizing your writing, are you unaware of how quickly a book can be written and how long a book needs to be, or are you procrastinating and trying to get all your ducks in a row?

Forget the ducks, pick up your pen (or your computer) and just get started.

Need help with planning your book (and your time)?

If you need help with scheduling your time or even planning your book why not call me for a FREE 60 minute consultation. I’d love to help you start (and finish) that book you have been thinking about for ages. Just click on the link below to access my calendar and schedule a call with me…


Have fun writing your book…



Do you have enough time to write a book?
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