Thanks for dropping by to check out my website! My name is Susan Yeates and if you don’t know already, I am an author, artist, yoga teacher and creativity coach. This website showcases a few of the things that I do including creativity and yoga…

Susan’s Story

IMG_8442_EDITEDIn 2011, Susan, a trained fine artist, found herself running two separate businesses in the property industry. After six years of running these companies, she actually felt quite burnt out and tired and didn’t know why. They were going well and she had a great team of staff around her. However, Susan was struggling to get to appointments on time and finish basic administrative tasks, not to mention the endless clock-watching at around 4pm! Susan identified that creativity was missing from her working life. Something that we are all born with, she had been hiding this natural creativity and playfulness away, believing what she had been told most of her life that ‘being an artist won’t make you any money’ or ‘creativity is only really a hobby.’ Susan essentially associated being creative (or right-brained) with not making money.

profile_1After much discussion, sleepless nights and conversations where friends and family told her ‘she was mad’, Susan therefore took a massive leap and sold both property businesses to delve deeper into what really was her passion – creativity. As well as taking some time out, Susan trained as a yoga teacher. She began teaching classes around her local area and introduced mindfulness meditation and a regular yoga practice into her life. Immediately she felt better and ideas began to flow. Susan wrote and self-published three art books (becoming an Amazon no.1 bestselling author in the process) and really learned how to use her creative brain.

It is this experience that has driven Susan to coach others how to unlock their own creativity and use it to good purpose in their businesses and lives. Having so many friends and colleagues that are business owners or self-employed coaches themselves, she sees clearly how a few essential changes and a bit of gentle encouragement can make really transformational differences.

Susan’s way of working

web_res_sy_009_yogaAs an experienced tutor and trainer in numerous industries, Susan always looks to create a calm and nurturing environment for her retreats, courses and coaching programmes. She has taught art classes for over thirteen years to hundreds of adults, many of who swore they ‘weren’t creative’, yet by the end of the session had created beautiful prints or designs. Susan is contagiously enthusiastic and encouraging and ultimately works with individuals to help bring out the best in them. She also has a good understanding of what can be achieved in a set timeframe and is aware of creating a balance between information, time to practice and relaxation.

Susan is a wonderful facilitator and through all of her yoga teaching is accomplished at creating relaxing, safe environments that will feel welcoming to all ages and abilities. Not to mention the elocution lessons and years of having a ‘telephone voice’ that brings a calming tone and resonance to her voice for relaxation exercises and meditation!

Susan loves to work in spaces and environments that are close to nature, have a little character or that have lots of natural light. She believes that the correct environment can make a great impact on how someone’s mind can function – a place where it can relax, grow and become truly creative.

Here’s what others say about Susan…

“I’ve had a great day and have learnt so much more than I would have trying to learn on my own at home.” D. Bovins-Johnson

Great style and content. Really appreciated tutor’s patience and support!” Anon

“My mind is reeling at the amount we covered! Very inspiring & can’t wait to try out all the techniques!” Anon

“Susan is a very friendly and helpful teacher, no matter your ability you can enjoy the workshop.” B Drayton

Work With Susan

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