I speak to many people who are considering writing a book for the first time. People who want to write a book that supports their business or current expertise.

On further discussion, we really begin to discuss WHY they want to write a book and some of the very tangible BENEFITS of writing a book (of which there are many!) A book can be a really powerful tool in your own business and career, whether you are a coach or consultant working from home or an owner of a larger enterprise… If you have a business or expertise in any field then you really should consider what a book could do for you an your marketing.

Therefore in this blog post I have summarised some of the incredible benefits of writing your own business book…. and all in a beautifully designed graphic!



If you are keen to get your own book written but haven’t yet started why not contact me to see how I can help?  Just book in a FREE 60 minute discussion and I can help you with planning your book and actually getting published! Just click on this link to access my calendar and schedule an appointment:


The Benefits of Writing a Business or Non-Fiction Book!
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