Writing your own book is critical to your business as a coach. A bold statement I know, but I truly believe that writing a book can bring with it benefits that reach far and wide in your coaching business and also your personal life.

Let me explore these reasons in a little detail…

Build authority and credibility

Writing a Non-Fiction Book

Writing a book automatically makes you stand out from the crowd, giving you an edge over the competition and building ultimate authority in your field. It is a tool to boost your profile as a coach or business owner and will act as the ultimate business card. A business card that you can hand out at networking events, sell at workshops or promote at speaking engagements. By having a book, you instantly become a thought-leader and a voice to listen to. Many business owners and coaches that write a book receive invitations to interviews or to speak at events for example.

A leveraged product

The clever thing with having a book as part of your business is that you write it once and then get paid over and over again in the form of ongoing royalties. Also termed a passive income product, writing a book is one of just a small collection of business models that work in this way to provide you with a recurring income month after month after just a small burst of work at the start. For example, I wrote my first book in 2011 (it took me just two weeks to complete the first draft) and now five years later and with minimum marketing effort each month, this brings me in thousands of pounds every year in royalties! Great to know that if I chose to stop working today, I would still collect my royalties regardless.

An important marketing tool

Most importantly of all, a good book that represents who you are as a coach is an essential marketing tool for your business. A book acts as a crucial step in your sales funnel to generate leads and higher paying clients. Every business needs an entry-level product and this is where your book steps in. You can choose to give away extracts for free (collecting email addresses of course) and also ask people to buy the book directly from you, the author. Grow your audience and your business wider than you can right now by marketing your book across the globe. Trust me, the results can be phenomenal!

Gain clarity

Write a non-fiction book

Writing a book is actually a fantastic process for gaining clarity on who you are and what you do. As a coach, your personal brand or core message needs to be clear and what better way to get clarity than write a book about it. Often teaching what you do is the best learning process, so you can gain crystal clear clarity by getting your process or core message down on paper.

One author that I spoke to said “The act of writing my book has been one of the most profound personal and professional development experiences I’ve done – and I’ve done many….! It takes you to places to nail your clarity and to realise you knew more than you thought you knew and that the things that you thought you knew you didn’t know quite as rigorously as you thought. And then of course once it’s written you realise there is more… But that’s another story :-)”

Tim Johnson, Author of The Success Book

Build confidence

There is nothing better to boost your self-confidence than writing a book. You are putting yourself and your beliefs right out there for people to read and take action from. Getting a book written is a very satisfying experience – trust me, I have published three! You can finally call yourself a published author and know that you did it – you wrote that book that you have been thinking about for years!

Spread your message

Composition of closed note books ballpoint pen on wooden board education concept.

Writing a book provides you with the mechanism to spread your message far and wide and the ability to tap into audiences far wider than your own network. Anyone with access to the internet and Amazon can buy your book and see what you do for example. You will reach more people with what you do as most people can afford to pay the £7-£15 average RRP for a business book rather than your higher 1-2-1 or group coaching prices. And the good news is that some of those people will then go onto pay the higher prices with you too!!

Want to write your own book?

If you want to write your own book and get it done in just 10 weeks then I would love to work with you and make it a reality.

Simply schedule in a free 60-minute book-planning call with me to discuss your ideas. Just visit this link to view my calendar and book in an appointment.


I look forward to helping you with your book and seeing it on the bookshelves, your website and of course on Amazon!


Creativity Coach at Susan’s World

Why write a business or non-fiction book?
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