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Welcome to my ‘world of yoga’. Yoga is a really big part of my life and as well as a regular home practice including mindfulness meditation, I also teach regular yoga classes and workshops to adults in and around Woking, Surrey where I live. I believe that yoga should be for everyone and all of my classes, workshops and retreats are accommodate all levels

Please read on to find out more about the yoga that I teach and also find out about the regular classes and workshops that you could attend.

What is Yoga?

COBRA Yoga is a practical philosophy and a system of asanas (postures), promoting physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is an effective antidote to the stresses of modern lifestyle and encourages a fit and supple body. Yoga is a ‘science of the mind’ and philosophical system that originated in India thousands of years ago. Yoga, stemming from the Sanskrit work ‘yuj’ to yoke or join, is often interpreted to mean just this – to join or yoke or a union. Usually assumed to be the union of the mind, the body and the breath. Yoga is not just about a few ‘gentle stretches’ and you do not have to be ‘flexible’ to attend a class.

‘Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the hot yoga class yesterday morning! A fantastic way to start the day and I found your teaching style calmly brilliant. Loved it! See you next week!’ :-), Vicki (Woking), 2014

What happens in a yoga class?

A typical yoga class will last between 60-90 minutes. Yoga is very accessible in that you really don’t need much equipment (or even shoes!) to give it a go – just a yoga mat, a bottle of water and a class to attend.

adjustment_1The teacher will usually begin by setting the intention for the session, welcoming students and focusing on establishing correct breathing. This can be as simple as a sentence or two to calm the mind, to a series of exercises designed to control, regulate and elongate breathing patterns (pranayama). Then the teacher will start moving the class through a series of postures (asanas) by demonstrating or talking students through it. The postures often start with a flowing sequence called Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) that warms the body up and moves the spine through its natural series of curves. Then the asanas include standing postures, balances, seated postures that work on areas such opening the hips or lengthening the hamstrings as well as sometimes inversions (basically, we turn ourselves upside down). A yoga class varies hugely from teacher to teacher and from school to school. Some string together flowing patterns of postures, some are more static focusing on correct alignment and some are in a heated room between 30-40º (hot yoga). I personally teach a mixture of dynamic Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Sivananda yoga, with a touch of fitness yoga thrown in for good luck.

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And why should you join me in bringing a little yoga into your life?

workshop1Well, where do I start? Do you want to de-stress, relax and become more energised? Do you want to become stronger, more flexible and toned? Yoga brings a massive wealth of benefits to the physical body. Even when practiced just once per week people see great benefits in their overall heath and fitness, let alone the benefits to their overall well-being.

People often say “oh, I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible enough!” I disagree – the point of yoga is to develop your flexibility and progressively improve your body.

cobblers_1Yoga is and should be accessible to everyone; young old, male, female and for all body types. I’m not saying that it will be easy for all and each person will have their own personal battles to work through within their practice. A posture you may find easy, I may well struggle with (trust me I have my nemesis pose!). But this is half the fun – becoming self-aware. Aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your body, aware of what you need to work on and aware of the way your mind works to adapt and improve.

Yoga also complements other sports and exercise brilliantly. It can help to strengthen areas that may be weak from overuse or injury, can improve your stamina and mental toughness as well as stretch out achy muscles. However sometimes it just gives you that time away from a stressful work schedule or busy family life; that all-important ‘me-time’.

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About Susan’s Yoga teaching

profile_1Susan is a popular yoga teacher, based in Woking in Surrey, teaching a blend of Dynamic Hatha for Alignment, Sivananda Yoga for Subtle Mind and Breath work and Astanga Vinyasa for heat, flexibility and stamina. The yoga Susan teaches is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced yogi’s an all body types, shapes and abilities are welcome. For a fun, enjoyable and restorative session that challenges both your body and mind then join Susan in one of her classes! Susan teaches on a Wednesday evening at 8.30pm at First Dance Studios in Woking. She also teaches weekly hot yoga classes at Akram Hot Yoga Studio in Woking.

“I loved her class yesterday – informed, articulate and holding the poses longer.” July 2014

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Susan’s Yoga Qualifications

  • 40hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Womb Yoga (recognised by the Independent Yoga Network) – Sept 2016
  • 200hours qualified with Sun Power Yoga (200hrs CYQ / Yoga Alliance USA). Sun Power Yoga is a Modern Contemporary School of Yoga that specialises in deep intensive training through their teacher training centres. The founder Anne-Marie Newland has trained and studied many of the traditional forms of yoga practice including Sivananda yoga in which she is qualified working with Swami Vishnu Devananda back in 1984, Classical Hatha yoga (though not as a teacher) and studied the art of Astanga from various well known teachers here and in the States. Sun Power Yoga is an eclectic mix of three styles: Dynamic Hatha for Alignment. Sivananda Yoga for Subtle Mind and Breath work. Astanga Vinyasa for Heat, flexibility and stamina. July 2014
  • Trained in Freestyle Fitness Yoga (Group X Training) – Oct 2013
  • Sports First Aid qualification (St Johns Ambulance) – Feb 2013
  • Emergency First Aid at Work qualification – May 2016
  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology training (CYQ) – July 2014

“All refreshed, love Sue’s classes.” Aug 2014

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